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  • Ancient Olmec head in the center of this sleek teal tee. The Olmec art is in the center of a tan and white square with the words Amexem, Atlantean ancestry, Moor, and Muur written in graffiti style font around the square.
  • This crisp white tee features an ancient Olmec head surrounded by the words Amexem, Muur, Moor, and Atlantean ancestry on the sides of a tan square. Dejure Nobility has original designs and authentic Moorish American clothing.
  • This sleekly designed black tee features a square with an ancient Olmec head in the center. This imagery is dynamic and stands out in a crowd. This authentic Moorish clothing also has writing around the square to remind you of your ancient Atlantean ancestry.
  • Sleek black tee with an adventurous design featuring ancient Olmec art in the center with inspirational words celebrating Moorish American ancient culture and heritage.
  • The wearer of this mustard yellow tee will always be reminded of their heritage in ancient Northwest Amexem by the olmec artwork featured front and center and ancient phrases reminding the wearer of the names the Moorish people had through antiquity.
  • This army green shirt awakens memories of the ancient Muurs of Northwest Amexem when you see the ancient Olmec head in the center and read the names of your ancestors around the face.
  • Dynamicly designed teal green tea featuring an olmec head of the same color with the ancient name of amexem and more written in graffiti font to awaken the wearer to their forgotten ancestry
  • Teal green shirt hanging on a wooden hanger with a square in the center featuring various names harkening back to the wearer's Atlantean ancestry as well as Olmec artwork.
  • This navy blue tee features a dynamic ancient Olmec head carved out of stone with ancient names of the wearer's ancestors including the name of their dominions such as Northwest Amexem.
  • Awesome design on this navy blue tee featuring an ancient Olmec head and names of our dominions from the past such as Northwest Amexem. This shirt looks great paired with faded jeans, air buds and brown carry pack.
  • This navy blue tee is hanging on a wooden hanger which shows the original design in the center of the shirt with unique Olmect artwork and the various names of our ancient ancestors such as the Moorish people.
  • Beautiful red tee with a dynamic Olmec head design in the center with the various names denoting to our ancient Atlantean ancestry.
  • This red tee featuring original Moorish designs and ancient Olmec art looks amazing with the entire outfit including pants, fanny pack, and earbuds.
  • Crisp, red tee hanging from a hanger showing off this beautiful Moorish American design that represents your ancient Atlantean heritage with pride.
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Atlantean Amexem Ancestry T Shirt With Olmec Head

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This Atlantean ancestry t shirt featuring an Olmec head and the ancient name of Amexem is so sleek in design and comfort that you will not want to take it off. Where else can you find Olmec art, representing Moorish American ancestry with a uniquely modern fit, crew neck, and short sleeves? This stylish deluxe tee is bound to be your best pick. It looks good on everyone and is super soft and comfortable to wear all day long.

.: 100% combed ringspun cotton
.: Light fabric (4.3 oz/yd² (145 g/m²))
.: Regular fit
.: Ancient Olmec head featured front and center
.: Amexem and Atlantis Ancestry in graffiti style font